Fly Masks - Paddock

Fly Masks - Paddock

Superior Fly, Pest & Sun protection for your equine - a safe alternative to toxic sprays and lotions! The Crusader ™ Fly Mask, with its patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage and ensures comfort with its unique design that stays put while your horse is stalled or turned out in the pasture.
Has been rated  #1 by clinicians and equine publications for comfort, design and fit. Made of soft coated micro mesh and a patented forelock hole that keeps hair out of the horses eyes and prevents forelock damage ... THIS MASK STAYS PUT!
The unique double dart around the eye area will keep mesh away from the temples, eyes and eyelashes.
Soft coated nylon micro mesh blocks 70% of the suns damaging UV rays (so prevalent in NZ), and protects the sensitive, soft tissues of the eyes and forehead.
Your horse will appreciate the freedom from flies biting and the comforting fit.
Patented Long Nose option protects white noses. Silver-grey mesh with grey trim. Machine-washable, line dry.
Popular for horses with sore or weeping eyes, horses with blue eyes and/or pink rimmed eyes, and horses that have had surgery.
7 size options and look for the size options with an asterisk as they are fly masks that have been discounted due to an older model and/or have no packaging.

Cashel Standard Fly Mask
Cashel Standard Fly Mask - Watercolour Pink

Cashel Standard Fly Mask - Watercolour Pink

SmQH/Arab/Cob size only! ..


Cashel Standard / Ears
Cashel Long Nose Fly Mask
Cashel Long Nose / Ears Fly Mask
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